Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Saturnalia!

Salvete, readers! Whoever you may be. I'm back from black oblivion the other side of the dark river. No, I didn't die and go on a pleasure cruise with Acheron (which would be frightening enough) but my computer certainly did die and I, like Odysseus seeking Tyresias' wisdom, made a terrifying, uncertain journey across the Styx into the strange world of leaky capacitors, and dead motherboards. I had thought that technology was my friend but in this unknown realm of computer mortification I was haunted by the ghosts of files not backed up, including part of my new book.

Thankfully, Peter the computer guy, was able to perform a feat of Aesclepian proportions and resuscitate my computer. We're back in the land of the wired and connected living and I have learned a very valuable lesson from blind Tyresias: BACK UP ALL FILES REGULARLY! Seeing as I don't have an army of monks copying things out for me in the drafty hall of some Romanesque monastery, dvds shall have to suffice.

At any rate, I'm back on the blog and the files are saved. Happy Saturnalia!
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