Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Picture Postcard #6 - Let the Sea Swallow me up...

Let the sea swallow me up…

Take me down beneath its lapis waves.

I shall walk across pebbles as hot as coals,

Wade until the salt sea singes upon my skin.

Let me dive and sink, like a sword cast to the bottom.

I would look upon Poseidon’s realm, ere I close my eyes.

Let nymphs take my hand to wander among colossal emerald streamers.

Dolphins and sea-horses would pull me in a chariot,

To the coral palace where I might look on the lord of the deep,

Know his memories of waves and wars.

Let the sea swallow me up,

And then lay me down again upon a solid shore,

That the air might fill up my lungs,

That I may live….

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