Sunday, February 16, 2014

IMMORTUI - Carpathian Interlude Part I

A while ago, I wrote a post detailing all of the upcoming historical and literary treats that I was planning on releasing in 2014. 

One of those items was a re-release of IMMORTUI, Part I of the Carpathian Interlude series.

If you haven't read this novella yet, it's a cross between historical fiction and horror.

As usual, I've paid a lot of attention to the history of the age (i.e. the reign of Emperor Augustus). I never cheat on the history!

Also, the cult of Mithras plays a big part in this story, so if ancient mystery religions fascinate you, you'll like this. 

Here is the fantastic new cover design for IMMORTUI by LLPix Photography and Design

If ancient history and zombies are your thing, be sure to check it out and tell others about it! It's available on Kobo and Amazon

This series is a joy to write and the second part is on the way! For now, here is the outline of IMMORTUI:

The Legions of Emperor Augustus have returned victorious from putting down a massive revolt among the Germanic tribes of the Danube frontier. While Rome basks in its success, a new foe is gathering in the darkness of the Carpathian Mountains. When a young boy shows up at the distant fortress of Troesmis, it falls to Optio Gaius Justus Vitalis and his centurion to investigate the horrors described by the young refugee.

It is just the beginning of a struggle between the Eagles of Rome and the undead forces of an enemy that could halt the Empire’s northern advance.

It’s Romans vs. Zombies in this first novella of the Carpathian Interlude series. Get ready for action, mystery and blood in this clash between Light and Dark. 

If you have read and enjoyed this novella do be sure to leave a review wherever you purchased it as this always helps other readers to discover the series. 

Finally, so that I can get a bit more history into this post, here are some pictures related to the story. 

As ever, thank you for reading!

Remains of the Legionary base of Troesmis,
where the story begins on the Danube frontier
in modern Romania.

Image of the 'Tauroctony' - Mithras slaying the Bull.

An ancient Mithraeum.
Mithraic rites took place in caves such as this, where
the worshipers reclined and shared a sacred meal.

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LYKOI - Carpathian Interlude Part II will be coming this Spring, so stay tuned!

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