Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Picture Postcard #1 - I am leaving

This post I am trying something new. I often enjoy little writing exercises that allow me to do something different, something outside the broader scope of my novels. 

This idea came from a contest I saw in a magazine once in which you had to write something on the back of a postcard related, of course, to the picture on the reverse. 

I'm a very visual person and I love taking photos. So, with the picture postcard idea in mind, I've decided to write whatever comes to mind for some of my photos. 

Some of the time I will write about what the photo makes me feel, other times I will make up a story about what might have happened in a particular place long ago. 

I'm not going to follow any particular format. This is just a bit of an experiment for myself, but one which I am happy to share. I'm just going with the flow.

Let me know what you think, feel. And, if you have your own picture postcard writings you would like to share, indicate the link in the comments box below.

I also like to write to music, so I will share the particular tracks that I used to write at the end of each post.

Cheers and hope you enjoy!

This first one is named I am leaving...

I am leaving.

I shall not see you again.

The memory of your quiet paths, the colour of the world when I was with you, fade the farther I get.

I look back and remember, and feel pain.

No longer will I smell the fresh scent of your gentle heights, nor lie, sun-baked, on your pink and white shore with waves lapping at me, hypnotizing me.

I am leaving and sea foam fizzes away to nothing in my wake.

What has happened to you, my place of dreaming?

The life of your peaks, your valleys, has burned and your myriad shades of blue have gone black.

Age after age I returned, but never again.

In my heart, you will always glimmer as an emerald in the deepest depths of time.

You shall be a beacon of fondest memory to which I will be a reluctant traveller.

You shall be a salve for sadness, a needle for pain.

Will I see you again?

Will I?

Music: The Da Vinci Code soundtrack (Hans Zimmer), track 14, Kyrie for the Magdalene 
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