Saturday, March 15, 2014

Site Visits and Writing Historical Fiction

Sunning myself in the Sahara
In January!
As you can probably tell from many of the posts on this blog, travelling is one of my biggest inspirations.

I truly believe that travel is the best education you can get, and if it weren’t for the need to have academic degrees to achieve a measure of acceptance when looking for work, I’d say you would be much better off putting all that university tuition money toward travelling around the world.

The experiences and knowledge you gain from travelling are invaluable.

Not long ago, I was a guest on the site of my good friend and fellow historical fantasy author, Roberto Calas.

In the post, I talk about travel and the importance of site visits when writing historical fiction. If that sounds interesting, you’ll want to read Get thee to a Castle (if you can)! – Historical Fiction and Site Visits

Roberto has been a guest on Writing the Past before. You can read his post HERE

If Medieval historical fantasy is your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out Roberto’s series The Scourge. It’s an action packed adventure with knights, ladies, an apocalyptic plague, and loads of accurate historical research by the author.

Finally, a note of thanks to all of you!

Killing the Hydra has been out for just over a week now and (as I write this) it is at #16 in Ancient History on Kobo, and in the Top 100 (#49) on Amazon in the category of Greek and Roman Fantasy. 

On Kobo

Those numbers will likely change by the time you read this, but it is nice to see nonetheless.

So, thank you for the fantastic support, for spreading the word, and, as ever, thank you for reading!

Next week I’ll have a very interesting post on some special site museums that have made a big difference to my research over the years.

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